A Wingtip member owns a 57' McKinna yacht, and is willing to frequently let members take it out for events on the Bay -- think small cocktail parties, wine tastings, mixers, etc. This campaign is offering a tour of the Bay that would leave South Beach, over to the Golden Gate Bridge, around Angel Island, and back to South Beach with great food & drinks along the way for you and up to 11 guests (12 people total excluding crew & staff). 

The yacht is beautiful, and in excellent shape, but both the owner and Wingtip are interested in upgrading some of the decor to make it more Wingtip-esque (if such a word exists yet). We will be working with our new home furnishings and appliances partners to upgrade things like the upholstery, flatware, glassware, drapes, and amenities. Like the Roof Deck fund which included members prepaying for events to be held on the Roof Deck, this project collects funds for future yacht parties to make some of those upgrades now.

Chartering a similar experience from a third party would typically run $500/hr or more exclusive of food & beverage and a great bartender. 


Goal: $45,000

Rewards: A "three hour tour" of the Bay for up to 12 guests for $1,500. A basic-but-Wingtip-worthy food & beverage package is included. Experienced Captain, crew, and a Wingtip bartender are included. Your event can be on a weekday or weekend subject to crew availability; there is no up-charge for a weekend or an evening. You can prepay for as many parties as you like, but due to chartering restrictions, the limit is 12 total guests per outing. 

The Fine Print: As with any of the crowdfunding campaigns Wingtip is running, funds will not be collected until the campaign goal is met. We will periodically update the membership with progress, especially as we get close. Once the goal is met, checks are preferred, but credit cards can be accepted. If a business expense, we can create an invoice if necessary. 

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