Producing your own quality fabric is an expensive project. The fabric itself is not that expensive on a per yard basis, but any mill worth its salt requires that you produce hundreds or thousands of meters at a time. By supporting the Tartan, Toile, or Argyle now, you'll get out twice what you put in.  

After a trip to Scotland back in 2012 that included visits to famous mills like Lochcarron and Johnstons of Elgin, it became obvious that Wingtip should have its own, custom designed, exclusive tartan. And not just any ol' tartan, but one registered with the Scottish Tartan Registry for good measure. Working with Johnstons of Elgin, one of the finest mills in Scotland, on the design of the tartan, we achieved its registration a few months ago and we are ready to start producing fabric. Once produced, the fabric will be used to produce finished goods like ties, bow ties, scarves, pocket squares, throws, caps, smoking jackets, and of course, kilts. As you might imagine, there are substantial minimums to have a custom wool or cashmere produced, and this campaign seeks to save members on those goods by taking commitments upfront. 

Since then, it has also been suggested that we shouldn't stop at a tartan. We have designed an argyle that we hope to use on items like golf towels, socks, and sweaters among other things. And we have found a toile designer in Paris that will soon design a custom toile for Wingtip that will feature the craftspeople most important to us: a tailor, barber, chef & cheesemonger, bartender & sommelier, and a cigar roller.  The toile will make for some amazing pocket squares, linings, swim trunks, and even wallpaper (although we don't expect you to buy wallpaper from us!).  


Goal: $20,000


  • $250 will earn you $400 in goods at list price;
  • $500 will earn you $1,000 in goods at list price; 
  • $1,000 will earn you $2,000 in goods at list price and a standing 50% off 

The Fine Print: As with any of the crowdfunding campaigns Wingtip is running, funds will not be collected until the campaign goal is met. We will periodically update the membership with progress, especially as we get close. Once the goal is met, checks are preferred, but credit cards can be accepted.


Q. When will the tartan, toile, and argyle goods be available? 
A. The tartan and the argyle are designed, and ready to be into production on items. The toile artwork is about to kick off, and it should be complete by the end of the year, if not sooner. Since toile is printed on cotton, many of those items will not be difficult to produce. 


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