Kickstarting Wingtip Improvements

Volunteer support to advance a personal passion

Wingtip has been, from day 1, a concept funded by members. Whether it's equity investments, participating in opening order discounts, or prepaying for Roof Deck parties, much of what you see today is a direct result of the support of the membership. There are a number of projects we'd love to kickoff, and this approach is a win for Wingtip and a win for those members who choose to participate.

There are 5 projects to consider: the 11th floor Boardroom, establishing Wingtip as a Shoe Mecca, the Watch Library 2.0, the Wingtip Yacht, and the Wingtip Tartan, Toile, and Argyle. Each project will just take 5 minutes or so to understand, and if interested, reach out via the form at the bottom of each page. Godspeed. 


Funding Commitments To-Date