Wingtip's current Boardroom on the 11th floor is fine, but it is not great. It has the potential to be awesome. Like the Roof Deck Fund, we are hoping that members will help us fund the upgrade of the Boardroom by prepaying for future Boardroom time through this voluntary campaign. 


First, what are the improvements we plan to make?

  • Coffered ceiling and more attractive lighting
  • White board (probably hidden, probably big)
  • New, stately boardroom table
  • Proper entertainment cabinet for the 70" Sharp AQUOS Board
  • Automated shades
  • Accessible power & data (hardwired, if possible) for users
  • Webcam, microphone, speakerphone
  • Ami's deal-closing display (a secret)

We project these improvements to cost around $50,000.

Renting a boardroom for a day in San Francisco can run anywhere from $500-$1,000+ excluding food & beverages depending on the size, location, and amenities. Our new & improved Boardroom would definitely justify the higher end of that range.

If/when the Boardroom is upgraded, we will be asking for a reasonable hourly rate of $100/hr ($800/full day) inclusive of food & beverage for members, with a generous 2 hour minimum (many venues won't take a reservation for less then half a day). Should we decide to make it available to non-members, it will be a rate of $150/hr with a four hour minimum; after all, membership should have its privileges. During this campaign, we will pre-sell hours at $50/hr with a minimum of 8 hours (1 full day) although the hours can be used over multiple visits if necessary.


Goal: $50,000

Rewards: Prepaid Boardroom hours at 50% the going rate. For example, if you fund $2,000, you would be entitled to 40 hours of Boardroom time. Minimum contribution is $400 (1, 8 hour day). 

The Fine Print: As with any of the crowdfunding campaigns Wingtip is running, funds will not be collected until the campaign goal is met. We will periodically update the membership with progress, especially as we get close. Once the goal is met, checks are preferred, but credit cards can be accepted. If a business expense, we can create an invoice if necessary. 

Bonus: if we are able to raise $100,000 or more, one of the coolest conference room technologies we've seen is Oblong Technology's Mezzanine product. We have reached out to them with the goal of becoming a San Francisco demo center for them, but the system will run tens of thousands. 

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